Worlds Finest Chocolate Sale

2017 Candy Bar Sale!!!

Reedville will once again be selling candy bars this year.

Reedville makes $0.50 for every $1 candy bar sold! This fundraiser has netted Reedville ~$14K in each of the past two seasons.

Please read below for more information.

The fine print: All players must sell at least one box of candy bars totaling $60. Each candy bar must be sold for $1. If you need additional boxes of candy bars to sell please contact your coach. Sale ends May 20.

Attention Coaches:

  1. Distribute boxes to each player participating in the fundraiser.
  2. Make sure parents understand they MUST sell at least one full box of candy bars totaling $60.
  3. Make sure parents understand to not leave the candy bars in a hot car or garage or anywhere the bars will melt; or where any kind of pests (ie ants) will damage the bars either. The league will lose money on any candy bars that have melted or have been crushed, damaged, etc. We will attempt to sell any remaining candy bars in the snack shack but cannot do that if the candy bars are melted or damaged in any way.
  4. If someone needs additional cases of candy bars, they MUST go through the coach who will then contact Andrea. Let Andrea know the name of the player and how many boxes of candy bars they are requesting; she will distribute the boxes to the coach at the next practice, game or agreed upon time and location.
  5. Coaches will collect all funds as well as any unsold candy bars above and beyond their original one case required to be sold.
  6. Coaches must count money and remaining candy bars. Confirm correct amount is in each player's envelope according to how many candy bars were sold (i.e. minimum 60 bars = $60, sold 103 bars = $103 + returning 17 candy bars, etc).
  7. Coaches must turn in all remaining candy bars and money collected on Saturday May 21. Time and location TBD and communicated to coaches one week prior to collection.

Thank you for your assistance in supporting Reedville Baseball!!


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