Reedville Baseball Forms


  1. Online Registration ← this is our preferred method.
  2. Paper 2019 Registration Form (pdf) ← please use if online registration is not working for you.
  3. 2019 Player Fees (pdf)

Players & Parents:

  1. Player Code of Conduct Form (pdf)
  2. Parents Code of Conduct Form (pdf)
  3. Scholarship Application Form. A limited number of scholarships are available. To obtain an application form please contact the Reedville Registrar at


  1. Coaches Code of Conduct Form (pdf)
  2. Example Coaching Forms in Excel (currently not available)
  3. Reedville Background Check Form (pdf)

Evaluation Scoring Forms:

  1. Fielding Fly balls (xls)
  2. Fielding Ground Balls (xls)
  3. Tee Hitting (xls)
  4. Machine Pitch - Hitting (xls)
  5. Throwing and Receiving (xls)

Recreational Rules:

  1. Pee-Wee Rules (pdf)
  2. Rookie Rules (pdf)


  1. 2019 Reedville Baseball Sponsorship Form (pdf)

Reedville Baseball - General:

  1. Reedville By-Laws (pdf)


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