Reedville Baseball Mission & Core Values

RBI Mission Statement:

RBI will provide a fun and safe learning environment for children, giving them an opportunity to compete in baseball against players of equal skill and age.

RBI Vision Statements:

1. Competitive teams follow JBO (Junior Baseball Organization) guidelines

2. Provide coaches with information about baseball skills & drills

3. Ensure children at all levels are learning proper baseball fundamentals

4. Teach life lessons (control and respect) for the development of good character

5. Play with honor, Win with class (act like you have been there before) and Lose with dignity

RBI Values:

1. RBI decisions are made with the children's best interest in mind

2. Treat each other with respect; includes board members, coaches, parents and players

3. Provide good examples of sportsmanship

4. Allow balance with other family activities

Reedville Baseball Inc. By-Laws:

Review the by-laws (pdf) that govern Reedville Baseball Inc.


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