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Welcome to the Recreational Program at Reedville Baseball. My name is Nick Winters and am the Recreational Director. I have been coaching at this level at Reedville since 2013 and am excited to help get you the information you need for your child playing baseball. This page contains much of the information about the league but please feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Nick Winters

Recreational Baseball


Reedville Recreational Baseball is our program to help young players have fun learning baseball skills in non-competitive leagues. The program is divided up into 2 leagues: Pee Wee and Rookie. Pee Wee is typically composed of players ages 4-6 (Pre-K to K) and Rookie is ages 7-8 (1st to 2nd). However, since each child is different, please consider what would be best for your player. If you have any questions or would like to have your child play up or down within Recreational Baseball, please contact the Recreational Director We do not accept 3rd graders or above to play at Recreational Baseball. Any 3rd grader or above should register for Competitive Baseball.


The recreational season typically begins after spring break and concludes at the end of the school year. The first 3 weeks of the season are composed of only practices while the remainder of the season is only games. For Rookie league only, there may be an additional practice during game weeks at the coach's discretion. For Pee Wee there will be no practices once games begin. On the Saturday before regular games begin, there is a jamboree for both Pee Wee and Rookie where each team gets to play 2 shortened games. This is a fun way to kick off the season for the entire family.


All coaches are volunteers and most are parents of players on the team. Once registration is closed, teams will be organized, coaches will be chosen, and parents will be contacted by their coaches. We are always looking for volunteers to coach and doesn't require any prior experience. Coaching provides an excellent way to support these young players learn baseball. While teaching fundamental baseball skills is important, the most important is to teach them to enjoy the game. Other coaching opportunities also include organizing the team and communicating with parents. If you are interested in being a coach or assistant coach, contact the Recreational Director


The first 3 weeks of the season are only practices, no games. Throughout the season the Pee Wee (4-6 year olds) are only allowed to meet 2 times a week whereas the Rookie (6-8 year olds) are only allowed to meet 3 times a week. Practices can range anywhere from after school until the evening depending on the schedule set by the coach. Practices can vary from 1 to 1.5 hours at the discretion of the coaches.


Games begin 3 weeks after the beginning of the season. There are 2 games maximum per week. For Rookie there will be 1 game in the evening on either Monday or Wednesday and another on Saturday morning or early afternoon. Pee Wee games will either be on Tuesday or Thursday and another on Saturday morning or early afternoon. Occasionally there may be a bye and so only 1 game that week. Games are 2 hours maximum for Rookie and 75 minutes maximum for Pee Wee. Most games and practices are held at Ladd Acres but occasionally at Indian Hills.


Uniforms are provided by Reedville Baseball, which include a hat, shirt, and pants. Each team will have bats and helmets to share but it is recommended for players to have their own bats. Often players will also have their own helmet too. Each player must have their own glove and cup (for boys when playing catcher). Although not required, cleats are recommended. It may be possible to find some great second-hand equipment at thrift stores.


  1. Pee-Wee Rules (pdf)
  2. Rookie Rules (pdf)
Recreational Fields

Tobias Elementary Fields

Tobias Elementary School has 3 recreational fields. There is 1 covered area.

Ladd Acres Elementary Fields

Ladd Acres Elementary School has 2 recreational fields. Due to reconstruction of the parking log, field #1 is no longer available. There are 3 covered areas.

Indian Hills Elementary Fields

Indian Hills Elementary School has 2 recreational fields. There is 1 covered area.

Imlay Elementary Fields

Imlay Elementary School has 2 recreational fields. There is 1 covered area.

Reedville Elementary Fields

Imlay Elementary School has 1 recreational field and another grass area. There is 1 covered area.


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