Volunteers don't get paid,
not because they're worthless...
but because they're priceless!

Help Wanted = New Board Members + General Volunteers
As a non-profit youth baseball league with 250-350 players each season, much of the success of our organization is attributable to great volunteers like you. Throughout each season there are various volunteer opportunities for teenagers, parents, grandparents, etc.

Can I volunteer without serving on the Board of Directors?
Absolutely! Contact any of our board members to inquire about open Board positions or other volunteer opportunities. There are volunteer positions to help with field maintenence, equipment hand-out and return, Snack Shack coverage and stocking, fundraising, tournament hosting, coaching, etc. Volunteers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages! We LOVE our volunteers and encourage anyone ages 14 to 104 to reach out to us to volunteer!

Are you an Intel employee?
Take advantage of the Intel Involved EasyMatch Volunteer Program! The mission of the Intel Involved Volunteer program is to help the community in which we live. Go to Intel Involved and set up Reedville Baseball as the organization (Org ID 0006040). Then, start volunteering! If you have question, contact Bryan Bradetich.

We are always looking for New Board Members!
The Board of Directors serves our youth baseball league that is associated with the Junior Baseball Organization. Each year the board develops a strategic plan for the upcoming season with supporting programs, registration, field maintenance, player development, coaches, etc.

Are YOU a good fit?
Experience serving on a Board is preferred, but not required. Individuals with professional or volunteer experience in the following areas are encouraged to apply: internet, social media, technical writing, editors, publishing, note taking,human resources, accounting, finance, fundraising, communications, marketing, landscaping, construction, sports programming, safety, inventory, etc. It is NOT a requirement to have a child in the baseball program in order to serve on the board of directors.

What are the benefits?
There are many benefits to being a part of the Reedville Baseball, Inc. Board of Directors. Some people have extrinsic or intrinsic motivations for serving on a board, and many have a combination of both. It's important to understand that the majority of why each individual serves on your board at Reedville is to help and serve kids.

Can I get a "taste" before committing to the Board?
Please feel free to contact any of current group of dedicated board members. You may have questions about positions that are open, or if you feel you'd like to sit in on a board meeting to understand more about what they do. We're encouraging you to contact one or even a few of us!

What positions are open and available?
The Board of Directors should have no less than seven (7) persons and no more than fifteen (15) to govern the affairs of the League.

What is involved in being on the Board?
Board members evaluate and celebrate the previous season's successes and failures in order to continue with programs and/or make changes necessary for future success. They also work on the Mission and Core Values and exercise and enforce the By-Laws of Reedville Baseball. Regular Board meetings take place monthly and as the season nears bi-weekly. Board members must attend a regular schedule of meetings, and may at times also serve on a subcommittee of the Board. Board members are all together committed to helping one another with additional programs, clinics, field days, uniforms, fundraisers, concessions, finding donors, finding volunteers, etc. We exemplify a "team spirit" to help the success of the kids and families we are serving.


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