Waiver Process

Please Note: The Waiver process discussed below only applies to kids who play 'JBO Competitive' baseball for Reedville Baseball in the Spring. ie. JBO: Minor, Junior and Senior levels. This DOES NOT include players at the PeeWee (tee-ball) and Rookie levels. This also does not include all Reedville Fall Baseball Teams.

Dear Reedville Parents:

For the past several years, Reedville Baseball Inc. has enjoyed a reciprocity agreement between Hillsboro Boys Baseball Association (was HBBA and now is Glencoe Youth Baseball), Groner JBO (now is Spartan Youth Baseball) and Liberty Youth Baseball. Essentially, players from each of our geographic boundaries were allowed to freely play in any of the four JBO's, regardless of where a player lived.

For a variety of reasons, this reciprocity agreement has ceased to exist and beginning in 2012, all players playing outside of the JBO District in which they currently live, must receive a waiver from their home JBO in order to play elsewhere.

How the process will work:

First, sign up for any JBO you choose to play in and tryout within that district. Each association will need to verify the address and school of their players and if you are determined to live outside of their district, they will need to seek the waiver on your behalf.

Next, the association for which you signed up will present a waiver form to the home JBO for approval, approval with modification or disapproval. This process is solely up to the home JBO and the JBO attempting to get a waiver must abide by the home JBO's ruling.

How the process will work if you are waivering into Reedville:

You sign up for Reedville and pay your fee to play. Post-tryouts, Reedville will approach the necessary JBO for a waiver. In the event they will not provide a waiver, Reedville will refund your registration fee and you will need to go play for your home district.

How the process will work if you are attempting to waive out of Reedville:

You sign up for the JBO you wish to play for and Reedville will wait for the Association to request a waiver. All waivers from Reedville must be received for consideration PRIOR to March 9, 2013 or they will be denied.

Once all waivers are received, the Board of Directors will consider each individually based on a host of factors, including location, transportation, effect on JBO team at the level in question, etc. and render its decision. The decision of the Board is final with Reedville Baseball and no hearing or discussion is afforded to the individual seeking waiver.

No matter what the final decision is on waiver by Reedville, the Board of Directors for Reedville Baseball will require a non-refundable waiver fee equal to 50% of the total registration fee for the player in question.

In the event of "denial of waiver" from Reedville Baseball, the individual in question may appeal the Reedville Decision to the Junior Baseball of Oregon (JBO) Board of Directors. They will do so solely at their own cost and organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the Waiver Process

Q. What is a waiver and why do I need one?

A. Each JBO District is assigned a particular geographic area. For Reedville, it includes any and all players living within the following school attendance areas, plus any private school players living within this area as well or attending school in this general geographic area:

  1. Butternut Elementary
  2. Reedville Elementary
  3. Indian Hills Elementary
  4. Tobias Elementary
  5. Ladd Acres Elementary
  6. Imlay Elementary
  7. Brown Middle School

Any and all players seeking to play JBO Baseball who have an address that would normally go to school in this area are assigned to Reedville JBO for the purpose of playing JBO Baseball.

Q. Yeah, but my kid lives in this area but goes to Orenco Elementary?

A. Technically, he is not Reedville's assignee, and so your child needs a waiver. It is the primary home address of the player in question.

Q. Ok, so I need to seek a waiver, what should I do?

A. Read the process above. If you are seeking to move outside of Reedville the procedure will include an application fee and consideration by the Board of Directors. If you are seeking waiver into Reedville Baseball, please sign up and we will seek waiver on your behalf from your home district.

Q. Why is this happening? We used to freely choose where we played based on our desire. Why can we not do that anymore?

A. For many years, the JBO's in this area have had a reciprocity agreement allowing players to sign up wherever they chose to so long as it was within the districts serving Hillsboro (if you signed up outside of Hillsboro, you had to seek a waiver). In 2012, a decision was made to enforce the waiver process going forward. Each JBO seems to have its own reason for doing so, but if all were not in agreement; then the reciprocity program could no longer exist.

The Reedville Board as the representative of this area sees both sides. Our database actually shows about the same number of kids playing from other Hillsboro programs in Reedville as have left to play elsewhere. The biggest issue has been "league shopping" teams and players. Some parents and coaches have sought to play JBO's against each other to get a certain playing level for their child or to put a specific team together. Collectively, the JBO's in this area decided it was no longer in their best interest to allow this.

Q. So because of a few bad apples, we all lose the opportunity to make a choice?

A. Partly, yes. It has become habit for some parents and players to avoid being productive members of their own JBO and to abuse the system for their own devices. However, there are other legitimate reasons as well. JBO is a community-based baseball program. A set of private, non-profit charters to a league that play competitively together make up JBO. Without the associations, JBO does not exist. The philosophy is that you play in your geographic region. Additionally, within Hillsboro, programs have seen their attendance increase or decrease based on the success of the program (winning-wise). People tend to move their children to programs that consistently win. Reedville has not had an issue with kids leaving for this reason; rather we have seen an influx of players because of our success over the years.

Q. So Reedville was against this waiver process?

A. No. We were not really for it either. More like indifferent. However, once the rule is in place (as it is now) we are going to enforce it and we are going to maintain the players in our district.

Q. Ok, so I want to come to Reedville, will my kid be given the same opportunities as others who are already in your league?

A. Yes, if the waiver is provided by your home JBO.

Q. I want to leave Reedville as I am not happy with Reedville. What are my chances?

A. Under this system, Reedville will maintain its players in order to continue its program and growth. Below is an explanation of how Reedville will handle waivers:


  1. Reedville will charge the receiving JBO organization 50% the cost of that player's registration. It is up to the receiving organization to determine how to cover that cost.
  2. Reedville reserves the right to deny any waiver request.
  3. The appeals process is up to the waiver-seeker to submit and follow through with at the State JBO level.

All of the JBO's in Hillsboro will be coming up with similar programs and will not be freely waiving their players either.

Q. So I have no chance of getting a waiver?

A. Reedville acknowledges there will be waivers granted between all organizations. We will use the following as criteria for examining and approving waivers:

  1. Waiver trades may be negotiation between the two JBO's. If HBBA has one for Reedville and we have one for HBBA, then we will likely trade, but both parties must mutually agree. We will need to match up levels and information to make sure that doing so does not create an issue for our teams
  2. The Board of Directors for Reedville will decide on providing a waiver based on the case made for the waiver by the Association seeking the waiver, NOT FROM THE PARENT OR PLAYER SEEKING THE WAIVER. There will be no hearing or discussion with the Board from the waiver-seeking individual.

Q. Well, if we are not provided a waiver, we just won't play baseball!

A. The waiver system only refers to JBO Baseball. If you do not get a waiver and you do not want to play for your home association, then feel free to play for a tournament team, Little League or other baseball organization. The waiver process is not blocking you from doing that. It simply states that if you play JBO, you need to stay in your JBO territory to participate. Please remember, JBO is one of the few organizations that allow a waiver process. There are other orgainizations that do not allow any waivers.

Q. We have a philosophical difference of opinion on how our home JBO is run. It's either not competitive/too competitive or the coaches are idiots, or the Board is filled with people we hate, etc. That's a good reason right?

A. No, it's not. At Reedville, there is an elective process for the Board and all parents have an opportunity to apply to coach if they so desire. You may not like the coaches, the Board or other parents, but every member of the JBO has an opportunity to change that via the annual meeting and elections. If you don't like something, attempt constructively to seek out why it's being done and work to change it.

Q. Our child tried out and did not make the level we think he/she should have made. Therefore, we want to go somewhere else. Can we get a waiver?

A. No. The waiver process is in place is because of this situation. Reedville Baseball uses a blind tryout system in which each child is assigned a number and judged by 10 separate individuals in 5 different tryout stations. The numbers are put in a computer program and added together to spit out a number and teams are placed accordingly. There is some Board discretion, but generally speaking, 90-95% of the time the team is determined solely by the numbers. When compared with other leagues, we feel that Reedville's process is the most fair, and has resulted in 32 JBO Championship Births in 6 years. The system's results work.

We encourage you to prepare your child for tryouts. The tryout information from our website, the measurement criteria are on the sheets. Your child's score is directly related to the criteria on those sheets.

Q. What if we tryout for JBO, don't make a Reedville JBO team and want to go tryout at another JBO?

A. Reedville does not currently have recreation baseball teams for grades 3-8. All players who are evaluated will be placed on a JBO roster. This includes Minor (9-10 year olds), Junior (11-12 year olds), and Senior (13-14 year olds) level-players.

Q. What about Cal Ripken Baseball?

A. There is no Cal Ripken baseball at Reedville. This was a decision made in the fall of 2012 by the Board of Directors.


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