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Fall Ball Program

Q. What is Fall Baseball and why should my child play?  

A. Fall Baseball or “Fall Ball” is an instructional league for parents looking to improve their child or children’s baseball skills in a more relaxed environment.  The league includes teams from all over Washington County and typically plays 7 or 8 games in 6 or 7 weeks beginning in August and ending in October.

Q. What does “instructional” mean?

A. Instructional means focusing on providing all players with additional playing time and working on both basic and advanced skills or strategies to improve a player’s understanding of the game of baseball.  Do not confuse “instructional” with non-competitive.  Teams do try to win, standings are kept and the competitive spirit of baseball continues in Fall Ball.

Q. Who plays Fall Ball?

A. As long as your child meets the age requirements on the registration form, they are eligible to play. Reedville Baseball strongly encourages Rookie (rec. level) players moving to Minorss next season, Minors moving to Juniors next season, or Juniors moving to Seniors next season to play Fall Ball in order to get used to the various new rules and base distances they will encounter.  Reedville Baseball strongly discourages kids moving up next season from “playing down” at their current level.

Q. How much of a commitment is Fall Ball?

A. Fall Ball only plays games on Sundays and no team is allowed to meet more than three times per week including the weekly game.  Traditionally, every team practices twice a week and plays a game on Sunday.  One Sunday may include a double header during the season.

Q. My kids play another fall sport, how can they do both?

A. Fall Ball is considered a “secondary sport” to more traditional fall leagues like Soccer and Football.  If your child would like to play two sports, coaches are instructed to make accommodations for dual sport players (typically letting the child out of one practice per week).  We ask that each player make their best effort to attend one practice and the game each week.

Q. How are teams divided?

A. In Fall Ball, Reedville allows coach and player requests at every level.  We make every attempt to accommodate requests; however, we make no promises that a request will be honored.  We attempt to evenly divide all players without requests across remaining teams.  There are no evaluations for Fall Ball and teams simply play other teams who are the same age across the league, regardless of skill level.  There are no “National, American or Federal” levels.

If you have other questions or concerns, please email the JBO director.